In this episode we are going to be talking about how to scale your business from just one project, to then bringing in freelancers to help out, whether that's during production or even on the business side of things. Growth is usually a good thing, but can become very overwhelming and even unprofitable if you don't approach it with an operational strategy. Today's episode is co-hosted by Dan Moller!

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Guest bios
Mohammad Faiz (@4lunches on Instagram) is an AR enthusiast and an advocate of breaking through the fourth wall through technology. He's come full circle, from starting the AR pivot at Live Now, to starting his own studio dedicated to AR called 4Lunches.

Max Vincenc (@max79o on Instagram) is the CEO and founder of XNAUTS, a global agency and Lab that helps you enter the Metaverse. As an AR and XR lover, Max also founded, the first AR festival on the planet.